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Clear Your Job Site Using Industrial Vacuuming in the Midwest

We use high-pressure water to break up the ground, removing debris that gets in the way of your project. To ensure your job site is ready for construction, we use industrial vacuuming in the Midwest, to clear away unwanted materials.

Extract Debris Without Causing Damage

Industrial vacuuming is a non-destructive process that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals or heavy machinery. There is minimal risk of damaging pipes, utilities, and other sensitive underground structures.

Surgical Precision

Unlike conventional digging methods, industrial vacuuming doesn’t leave a large environmental impact. The precision and control of this method make excavations quick and clean.

The Right Equipment to Achieve the Best Results

We use specialized equipment to efficiently remove debris and prepare the job site for the next stage of the project as soon as possible. The soil and water slurry produced by the high-pressure water are sucked through a tube and transferred to the debris tanks mounted on our trucks. After we gather the excavation waste, we transport it to an approved location for dumping.

Remove Flood Water

Aside from clearing away debris, we also use our powerful vacuum equipment for flood water removal. After we extract the water, property owners can begin restoration.

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