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Water Service Investigation

EPA Lead and Copper Rule

The US Environmental Protection Agency updated the Lead and Copper Rule in December of 2020. This rule was created to regulate the amount of lead that is allowed in drinking water. The primary source of lead in drinking water comes from lead pipes that supply drinking water. As a result, the EPA is requiring all municipalities to submit water service records for inventory. The water service records include company side and customer side identification. 

Please see this link to the EPA for additional information.


Water Service Inspection Program

Bahr Hydroexcavation is the leading lead investigation contractor in Missouri. We have completed over 21,000 investigations in multiple cities. We have created a four-phase program to offer complete turnkey services for our water service customers. 

Phase 1 – Bahr Hydro Self-Inspection App 

This web app encourages customers to perform a self-inspection or schedule a technician to inspect their water service.

Phase 2 – In-home Inspections 

 Our technicians will visit every assigned address and request to perform an in-home inspection.

Phase 3 – Potholing Investigation

 This process utilizes our hydroexcavator to excavate down to the water service and expose the water line.  Once the water line has been exposed the data will be collected and recorded. After the data has been recorded, the excavation will be restored.

Phase 4 – Final Attempt 

For any home or business that could not be investigated in the first three phases, phase four will be the final attempt to collect the remaining data with an in-home inspection.